Using leaked GTA 6 coordinates, fans discover that the new map could be a lot bigger than GTA 5’s Best

Grand Theft Auto enthusiasts are theorising how tons the sport`s map has grown from GTA five the usage of leaked coordinates.

Shared to the GTA 6 subreddit(opens in new tab), one fan has taken it upon themselves to determine out how tons the map has grown. Taking the coordinates of GTA five’s Los Santos and lining it up with the leaked coordinates of Vice City observed withinside the massive GTA 6 leak that befell ultimate month, enthusiasts are realising that they will have loads greater area to run round as soon as the subsequent GTA sport releases.

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As the Reddit submit under demonstrates, Los Santos suits very well withinside the center of the presently proposed Vice City layout. Of course, all we are able to see from the coordinates proper now are the likes of Hank’s Waffle House, Port Gelhorn, Keys House, Rockridge, Ocean Beach, and some others, however already we are able to see that gamers will need to journey in addition than they did in GTA five to get to those key regions at the map.

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