Decorate the Walls

Ideas to Decorate the Walls of Your Home

Our home is a place where we have fun moments and build memories since our childhood days. The walls of our home play a significant role as it provides shelter to us, it carries the load of the entire house and gives us the security we need. These walls also protect us from different climatic conditions such as the heat of the sun, rain and cold weather. The walls also offer great space to be decorated and enhance the beauty of the whole house.

Ways to Deck up the Walls to Make Them Attractive

The moment we enter a home, the first thing our eyes notices is the walls of the home. It is that surface whether styled or just stands alone seeming to be boring, that draws our attention. If you are looking forward to transforming the appearance of your home, the best way to start is with the walls. The walls are like a canvas that gives you the authority and opportunity to design it and put in your creativity to make the best out of it.

You can give your living area a unique personality and style by using the following ideas of wall décors and make your home look glamorous and a focal point of attraction –

Hand-painted Designs – One of the convenient ways to style your walls is to paint pretty designs on the walls of your home. This will reveal your creativity and taste giving a unique appeal to your home. You can either hand paint the walls with different colours and designs if you are good at art. You can also use the pre-made stencils to decorate the walls by picking up the designs of your choice. You can incorporate various designs in different rooms like floral designs, paintings of trees, birds and even paintings of cultural importance etc.

Wall Spotlights – Installing decorative wall lights are just an amazing way to jazz up your space. This will bring out the best appearance of the walls and the designs embossed on them. You can choose multicolour spotlights to make the design stand out and display your style and personality. You can project several colours making way for a light show in your space that will make your area entertaining as well as charming.

Create a Textured wall – Adding some texture to the walls make them lively and gives a modern touch to your space. This is a trendy way of decking up your home. Textures are easy to be added to the walls when the final layer of cement coating is done just before painting the walls. You can paint these textured walls as per your choice and change the colour of the walls as and when you like it. This wall is also convenient to maintain and easy to keep.

Decorate with Picture frames – Investing in stylish photo frames is a great way to add some life and uniqueness to your walls. You can customize the walls by selecting your choice of pictures and making a gallery wall displaying the pictures on the walls. You can also add your favourite painting by putting it onto a frame and displaying it on the walls for all to see.

Apart from these ideas, you can even use some antique mirrors to add a regal touch to your space and make your home elegant and attractive drawing each one’s attention.

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