Botox keratin hair treatment

Important Instructions For Hair Botox Aftercare

A head full of healthy hair is an exact signal of beauty, however healthy hair fades in maximum human beings through their 30s or 20s at the earliest. Hair that became as soon as certainly lengthy, shiny, and high priced can emerge as stupid, broken, and thin. This is why more ladies are turning to Botox for its hair-rejuvenating results.loreal hair color makes your hair more shiny.


With that said, there are lots of methods that harm or hair each day without knowing it, including the unhealthy, dull appearance we are searching for to treat. Here are a number of the methods you harm your hair:

  • Stress: Stress can cause each breakage of hair and hair loss. Too much strain ends in hair follicles turning into dormant, which means that any hair this is withinside the increased segment will spoil off mid-increase 
  • Heat: Too much warmth carried out immediately on your hair can cause lengthy-time period harm to the hair cuticle. This is typically visible in misuse of hair heating tools, consisting of curling irons, flat irons, and hair dryers. However, your hair also can enjoy warmth harm from an excessive amount of exposure to the sun.
  • Over-Washing: Some human beings produce extra herbal oil (sebum) on their pores and skin and of their hair, tempting them to scrub extra than important. Washing your hair numerous instances according to day can exhaust your hair follicles, leading to slower increase and hair loss.
  • Pulled Hair: For individuals who want to tie their hair returned with hair ties or bands, this may be very unfavourable to the hair cuticles. Tying the hair returned applies needless strain to the hair and the scalp, extra than it is able to handle.
  • Lack of Maintenance: While it could appear counterintuitive to reduce your hair while you are attempting to obtain fuller and longer hair, it’s definitely higher to choose a normal trim. Hair trims are important to loose your hair of any cut up ends, which normally cause hair breakage.
  • Over-Styling: Too a good deal paintings and styling for your hair reasons hair cuticle to interrupt down, main to lengthy-time period hair harm. This consists of periods of coloring, straightening, relaxers, perms, and extra. It is suggested which you deliver your hair at the least eight weeks of relaxation among expert hair styling periods.
  • Harsh Drying: Most human beings dry their hair after a bath through vigorously rubbing a towel over their hair, however this damages your hair in methods: 1) The movement is commonly too rough; and 2) Your hair is greater inclined while it’s far wet. For pleasant drying practices, simply wrap your hair in a towel and depart it there for a couple of minutes to soak up the closing water.

As we harm our hair and emerge as older, we enjoy lack of volume, extra common hair breakage, slower increase, growing dryness, rougher texture and dullness (because of much less protein production), and popular thinning .


When human beings confer with hair Botox, “Botox for hair” remedies are normally the remedy this is being specified. Botox for hair remedies extraordinarily don’t contain any botulinum toxin product at all.


While hair Botox is a powerful remedy technique on its very own, there are sure methods you may assist enhance results, making your hair appearance more healthy for an extended time from a single remedy. Here are a few guidelines for Botox keratin hair treatment aftercare:


While you don’t always ought to keep away from the bath for three days like with keratin hair remedies, it might assist to scrub lightly for 48-seventy two hours after your remedy for the pleasant absorption rate. Try to scrub much less often than traditional for the following few days; in case you experience that your hair is turning into greasy, observe dry shampoo to it.


Regular shampoo won’t reduce it after a hair Botox remedy, due to the fact they comprise sulfate and a few chemical substances that may be counterproductive to the absorption process.

Check for shampoos, conditioners, and moisturizers that put it on the market with no chemical substances or sulfate. Coconut, macadamia oil, and argan oil are first-rate components to your hair products.


A weekly hair mask after a hair Botox remedy can do wonders for the efficacy of your results. You will need to discover hair masks that are sulfate and parabens loose; a self made hair mask could paintings satisfactory as well. Try developing your very own hair masks out of coconut oil, for example.


Cotton is understood to dehydrate the hair, so resting on a cotton pillowcase all night long is the worst component you may do to your hair proper after hair Botox remedy. Microfiber pillowcases are a first-rate and cheaper alternative.

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