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Let’s know the social media marketing strategies 2021

With rising competition over social media, it’s hard to easily get success on social media. An individual needs to experiment and evolve according to the industry and social media trends. To perform tasks of establishing and growing social media can be clumsy if you won’t set processes. So, it’s important to prepare social media strategies for the smooth working of social media marketing campaigns. 

In this article, we’ll tell you the best strategies that you can opt for your social media marketing campaigns.

7-step strategy for social media marketing: 

  • Decide your business goals
  • Research the target audience
  • Establish your important metrics 
  • Create engaging content
  • Be consistent with your social presence
  • Analyze the performance and Improve
  • Join hands with other departments

Let’s dig deep into these social media marketing strategies. 

  1. Decide your business goals

The first and foremost step in social media marketing is to decide your business goals. Before implementing social media tactics it is important to know what you want to achieve. Then you should create plans according to your goals. Whether your goal is to get a huge following on social media or to get an active action taker community, you should be clear in the beginning as even a small step can change the complete results. You may also have some other goals such as increasing brand awareness, generating leads and sales, growing your brand’s audience, boosting community engagement, etc. Whatever you wish to achieve, keep it in mind every time you plan anything. 

  1. Research the target audience

Each social media channel will grab a different type of audience, for instance, you will get millennials and gen Z on Instagram and youtube, more women on Pinterest, well-educated users on LinkedIn, etc. Therefore it’s essential to identify who you want to target. If you won’t know the target audience in the beginning you may waste all your energy and time on the wrong platform. So the next step after identifying goals is to identify the target audience. 

  1. Establish your important metrics

The next step is to focus on and establish social media metrics that matter to you. It can be Post Reach, Number of Clicks, Engagement, Hashtag performance, Organic and paid likes, Sentiment, etc. Choose metrics that align with your goals. 

  1. Create engaging content

Your social media marketing will completely depend on content that you will publish on the social media channels. Whatever you publish on social media should be related to your goals, brand identity, and audience. So, always keep that in mind and establish authority by publishing relevant content. 

  1. Be consistent with your social presence

You should not be a ghost on your social media channel. Be consistent with publishing content as well as communicating with your audience. Make sure that you publish regularly on your social media channel.  Apart from this, whenever your audience dm you or comment on the post, you should actively reply to them. This way your audience can count on you.  

  1. Analyze the performance and improve

Analysis is crucial as it helps to know the success rate of your strategy. You should be aware of the marketing campaigns that worked well and what needs to be improved. If you blindly follow a certain strategy or campaign throughout the year, you won’t be able to achieve your goals. So analysis is important for alteration of marketing campaigns. Measure ROI of your social media marketing campaigns and improve the strategies depending on the results. 

  1. Join hands with other departments

Since the social media team is connected with the audience directly, the team knows the audience closely and personally. So, you as a social media team can help other departments such as HR, Sales, Product and merchandising, etc. in preparing their strategies. This in turn will boost your overall revenue and ultimately the goal of social media marketing is to boost revenue. 


You have just gone through the glimpse of the strategy that you can follow to keep your social media marketing game on track. Apart form the strategies mentioned above, you are required to take on SEO services such as On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, technical SEO services, local SEO services, etc.  This will help you in optimization and you can promote your social media channels through your website ranking as well. Also, don’t forget to take actions after making the customized strategy for social media marketing. Your strategises will only yield results if they are backed with right actions. All the best. 

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